Craft room is packed, bring on a weekly card sketch

I had planned to post at the begging of the summer saying I was taking a break for the summer months to focus on the kids. But then big changes happened in my family’s life and my craft room is packed and, in a POD, until it is not. When that will be I am unsure, could be a few weeks could be a few months.

Because of this and not wanting to just stay dark on my blog and social media. I will be posting a weekly sketch until I figure out what else to post or my craft room is out of storage and unpacked. Whichever comes first!

So, to Kick it off here is the first weekly sketch. I am continuing where I left off on sketch number 13! I feel like that is very fitting for October.

Remember this is all for fun! If this sketch inspires you use the #ldscs on social media, I would love to share your work.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of inspiration, if you create using this sketch tag me on social media and use #ldscs. I will add your project to my stories on social media! If you did Leave a comment and let me know! Until next time, Happy Crafting

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