Christmas is Coming

I was recently strolling through the stores looking for yarn, that is right yarn! I am doing a bit of crocheting to keep myself busy until I can get back to stamping. And it has become clear that CHRITMAS is just around the corner. Which brings me to this week’s inspiration sketch!

I can see this being done in so many variations, add some critters or presents under the tree! It can be a moon background or any color circle just to give color to the tree (like a spotlight technique)! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Reach into your stash and pull out those pine trees! I know there has to be at least one hiding in your craft space.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of inspiration, if you create using this sketch tag me on social media and use #ldscs. I will add your project to my stories on social media! If you did Leave a comment and let me know! Until next time, Happy Crafting

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