Simple layers and snowflakes sketch

The days are starting to get colder, and I am feeling like snuggling up more with a blanket!

We all have a list of things we want to do, at least I believe we all do. I have had a running list of things I either wanted to learn or try for the last 20 + years. I have made a conscious decision to start marking things off that list.

One of the first check marks on this list goes to learning to crochet. I decided to take it slow and start small. One of the reasons I love making cards is they are smaller projects I can start and finish in a day, you cannot do that so much with crocheting until you are really good, or it is a really small project!

So, I started off making a few scarfs, then a shawl followed by a beanie. It felt really good to be able to get those done and it built my confidence in the process. But my ultimate goal was to start and finish a blanket (I have started blankets before, never getting more than 2 or 3 rows done). It finally happened, I finished a lap size blanket that is warm and oh so cozy.

I whole heartedly encourage you to take steps to add checkmarks to your list of things you have always wanted to do or learn. It really feels good to accomplish things!

But back to the real reason for this post, it is getting colder, and this week’s inspiration reflects that. I wanted some simple layers and some big snowflakes!

I hope you enjoyed this bit of inspiration, if you create using this sketch tag me on social media and use #ldscs. I will add your project to my stories on social media! If you did Leave a comment and let me know! Until next time, Happy Crafting

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