A classic design

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fun holiday and their New Year is starting in the direction you were hoping for!

Today’s card sketch #19 is a simple sketch, a classic design if you will. I have been in the mood to do some paper crafting but with all my supplies in jail (aka the POD) until further notice, I have been trying to think up some simple designs. Desing that doesn’t necessarily need die cuts. Just stamping and simple coloring. And I don’t mean Copic marker coloring lol. But something more travel size, like watercolors. I am not the best at watercolor, but no time like the present to get better.

With that being said, I have purchased a few items and hope to start producing cards in the coming weeks. I think this sketch is a great place to start. I am looking forward to what is to come!

Card Inspiration Sketch 19

I hope you enjoyed this bit of inspiration, if you create using this sketch tag me on social media and use #ldscs. I will add your project to my stories on social media! If you did Leave a comment and let me know! Until next time, Happy Crafting

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