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On my journey to craft with less, I have added more. If I am being honest, I was not liking coloring with pencils, the lines are hard to smooth. So, I did what I do best and went down the YouTube rabbit hole to figure out how you can get smooth lines with pencils. There are a few ways to do it, but the way that gives me a look I am satisfied with is Gamsol.

Gamsol Definition: GAMSOL Odorless Mineral Spirits. Gamsol is the safest solvent that allows oil painters to utilize all traditional painting techniques without compromise.

Yes, that means an additional tool has been added to my craft with less supplies. This could not be helped; I don’t think I would have liked anything I made not using it. I LOVE my Copic markers for coloring and if Gamsol can help get me a bit closer to the look I like, so be it.

The way I used Gamsol for this project was pretty simple, I colored half of each hat with color pencils then used a paper stick dipped in Gamsol to push the color across the hat. That is how I achieved the darker on one side lighter on the other side effect. If there wasn’t enough color, I just added more layers. I did mix in darker and lighter pencil, if necessary, like on the dots.

TIP: When using Gamsol always put the lid on after each dip!

I wanted to make sure my stamping would stand up to the Gamsol, so for my first try I used a Tim Holtz Mixed Media Heavy stock tags to stamp on and Archival Ink to stamp with. I wasn’t sure if any other ink would smear. I will do test with that later this week. These tags are nice to color because they are not rough. I have found I do like coloring on Bristol Smooth 300 GSM paper best with color pencils. Off topic, it is also my favorite paper for Oxide Ink blending.

I used the A Little Celebration Mini set from Rubberstamps.com A Little Celebration Clear Stamp Set – RubberStamps.com that they send me to try out in early January. I used this same set in the post here: Simple Happy Birthday – Lazy Daze Stampin’. I purchased a few more sets to try out and they will be here Monday!

Finding the Distress Archival Inks can be a pain if you are not a person who likes to shop. They are many colors and not one website seems to have them all. And if you are a bargain hunter it takes even more time to look for the best price. I did find that OfficeSupplies.com has a good selection, my Black Soot pad did come a bit dry. But I am just going to order a re-inker as I got a pretty good price on them. I have linked a few of the Archival Ink sets below that Scrapbook.com currently has.

Archival ink is permanent, so I decided to do a little color matching and inked up some crochet thread for the tags. I started with just black soot (that is on the purple tag) but switch to the colors for the other two tags.

Which tag color scheme is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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