You are one in a Melon

I did a collaboration with my little and my sister! It is that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. Now normally I am an over achiever, but not this year. This year my daughter is at an age where she can decide how she wants this done and then do it. Plus let’s be real, they will sadly end up in the trash so better to focus on the joy of backing them.

She decided she wanted to do watercolor and a simple stamp. She watercolored one 11 x 15 watercolor sheet and then wanted to move on with her day. So, my sister jumped in, and watercolored another sheet. My little did come back to splatter.

Normally I would let her do the stamping, but I do not have my Misti right now. It is in Jail (the POD) until further notice. I did the stamping, and she attached all the pens to the back of the card. To do that we used double sided tape I got at the dollar store.

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The stamp set used is from and is called Summer Snacks. I had ordered it recently because I thought the elephant was cute and wanted to color it. And it ended up being perfect for these little Valintine’s cards.

I you have any questions about this quick and cute project. Just let me know! Leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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