When stamping goes wrong

I had crafting time and I decided to sit down and practice my watercolor backgrounds. I made one of the most beautiful watercolor backgrounds I have ever done. I was so proud of myself!

Then I decided to pull out my new stamp set THANKFUL FOR YOU BY VARADA SHARMA DESIGNS from Rubberstamps.com and ink it up. Sadly, my Misti Stamp tool is in jail. So, when I stamped and pulled up the block, I was devastated to see it had only partially stamped. So naturally I tried lining it up and stamping it again. All that did was make a bigger mess lol.

After trying to stamp the sentiment and not being successful with that either, I walked away for a bit. An evening of pondering later, I decided there were only three things left to do. Add a crap ton of splatter, try to cover up the sentiment, and hope no one looks too close of course.

This card front is the result of this process. It doesn’t always go as we want but that doesn’t mean it should not be shared!

I hope you enjoyed this bit of inspiration, if you create using this sketch tag me on social media and use #ldscs. I will add your project to my stories on social media! If you did Leave a comment and let me know! Until next time, Happy Crafting

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