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I am really excited to share this card with you! I created it for The Mixed Up Challenge that @createwithkas is hosting. Following along at #minicardchallenge

This week’s theme is Mixed Up Challenge. The directive was to pick 2 things that do/don’t go together.

I struggled with an idea for this one a bit. But discussing the challenge with my co-workers over lunch, we came up with an idea! It is always the quiet co-worker in the corner who surprises you (aka my son).


He looked at me and said books and water don’t go together. So simple and perfect. I switched to books and split coffee don’t go together as it is still a form of liquid.

I grabbed a few pieces of printer paper and 2 small pieces of mixed media paper and put them in a pan and poured water and coffee on them. I let them sit a few minutes and then shook off the excess coffee, laid them on a cookie sheet lifting the edges of the paper up and put them in the sun to dry. I was trying to get the edges to look like it was warped by the coffee.

I used 2 physical stamps on this card, the belated b-day sentiment from @copictopiacreative and the other is the book page print stamp purchased at Hobby Lobby. For the lettering I printed out the sentiment I made in Canva then traced it on to my card with pencil. I went over that with a Bronze Ohuhu acrylic paint marker. I just got them and love them! 

The rest of the elements are hand drawn cut and watercolored. The background the book sits on is watercolor with a ton of splatter. That is my Do element for the card. Watercolor and splatters DO go together.

I hope you enjoyed this card! Be sure to head over to Instagram and Hop along with us. 

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