Garden Party Anyone?

For this week’s #Sharingspring24 challenge hop over on Instagram the theme is Garden party. I decided I wanted to focus on attire for a garden party and needed to get a piece of floral paper. I picked one up at Hobby Lobby, then set out to find the image I wanted to use.

I found a digital stamp at Tiddly Inks on Etsy, click the store name to get to the link for the image I used called Garden Wedding. It was perfect for the idea in my head. I set up the image in Canva and then created the background scene. I used a table, banner and tea pot that I found in the search images. I tried to draw a table… I will try again another time.

Let’s talk about the background sky and grass. I will tell you; this is something I never imagined myself doing before. I always look at fully colored backgrounds and thing HOW did they do all that! Well, I watched some YouTube videos of Amy Young and then practiced. I have a long way to go, but I am so very proud of myself for even trying! Also, can I say this is the first time my hair has come out looking like hair lol.

I colored this image using Ohuhu alcohol makers, while they are not Copic markers and take a bit more work to find a blending group. I am pretty happy with them for the work I do. I am not an artist, I am a crafter, and the price point is just right for me. I did a better job this time writing down the colors I used, still missed a few. But here are the main combos:

Sky: B050, PB7, BG4

Grass: GY3, GY7, GY43

Girl Shoes: RO70, R120 Girl Hair: Y2, Y6, YR170, Y080, Y12, E370

Skin Tones: R1, BR2, YR205, R20

Boy Hair: E110, E260 -There are 2 other colors, but my little hole punched the paper I wrote it down on

Banner: R120, YR190 – 1 more color is unknown. See above note lol

Boy Suite: That was a disaster of color, I tried to get the shading right and then just used way too many colors. Pick some nice yellows and go with that.

The paper I chose to use for blending is Express It blending card. It just works really well for me, while it is pricey you can get a big pack at for a decent price.

Have questions? Just ask me, I like to talk. Head over to Instagram and check out all the wonderful Garden Party themed projects!

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