Scrub A Dub Dub

Today I am sharing the card I created for the Sharing Summer Instagram hop! The theme is Splish Splash, now this being a summer challenge I could have gone pool, ocean, lake, rain etc. But no, I had to be different and go splashing in a bathtub! Because when I hear Splish splash, what fallows is taking a bath.

I have been watching A LOT of Kelly Talor and Amy Young videos lately. I want to get better and coloring full scence. They have been working on the new CCC release. And I love the wallpaper countertop thing they have been working doing. I decided I wanted to do a wood floor patter. Obviously, that needs a lot more practice lol. But I love how simple straight lines defined the backdrop for the card.

The Bubble Bath Duck digital stamp is from Polkadoodles Crafts. The other elements are from images I found in Canva.

Colors Used (because I remembered to write them down):

Floor: Y11, E370, E130

Tub, Towle, Shelves and Decoration: G240, G270, G300, YR110, YR170, E280, E880, Gold Gen Pen

Wallpaper: YR110, YR070, YR170, E490

Duck, Bubble Wand and Bubble: YR170, Y030, Y010, YR2, Y070, YR172, Y5, Y2, Y3, B030, BG3, BG4

I hope you enjoyed this card and if you did be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

Supply list
Polkadoodles website

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