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I have learned I do not love coloring with color pencils. I am not giving up, I will get more practice in but it doesn’t bring me joy. And at this point in my life if it doesn’t bring me joy, I am only going to spend minimal time on it. I do like coloring on kraft and using them to add additional detail.

I typed all of this just to say I bought Ohuhu Markes! I truly enjoy coloring with Alcohol Markers. And while I love my Copic markers they are still in jail and honestly to add to the collection is going to be very expensive. So, I went all in and got the 320 Honolulu B series and the 36 Skin tones. I wanted the Honolulu B series because I wanted the fine point. That is something my Copic markers do not have, and it was going to be costly to replace all the nibs.

My honest thoughts on the markers, I love them and am really glad I purchased them. They are very juicy which I hope does dissipate as I use them a bit more. It can cause a quick outside the line situation. But I feel like I am getting a good blend and my images are coming out the way I want. I spent this week practicing with the markers to get a good feel for them. In the coming weeks I will start working on blend combos. But enough about that! Here is my first card using digital stamps and the Ohuhu markers.

I created this layout in Canva using the Strawberry Cows digital stamp from Streamside Studios. The thing I am quickly coming to love about digital stamps is being able to resize and flip images as needed. I won’t fully convert to digital stamps; I love me some ink and paper. But….it does help to have more options when I get an idea and can’t find the right stamp or need an image ASAP and don’t want to wait for the shipping.

I hope you love this card as much as I do, I feel like this is the begging of a beautiful coloring relationship with my Ohuhu markers!

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